Evaluating Teachers

I have a YouTube channel about evaluating teachers. Check out the videos below!

The past 14 months have been full of loss, anxiety, uncertainty, and so, so many challenges. Many of us might want to just put this year behind us and try not to think too much about it. Reflection takes courage. It also offers the opportunity for productive closure, for coming to peace with the year we just experienced, and more than that, reflection offers the opportunity to maximize our own growth. In this 7-minute video, I share ideas and questions to help you reflect on this year, so that you can feel ready for summer.

Have you ever felt like you aren’t writing up enough observations? Or have you written up a lot of observations and wondered, “Is this the best use of my time? Is writing up all these observations having a positive impact on teachers and their students?” In this 4-minute video, I explain how my thinking has changed over the years, what I think your goal should be with what you write up, and what I think you should focus your energy on.

Have you had a teacher be surprised by their ratings on an evaluation? This happened to me when I first became an evaluator, and I didn’t expect it because I had several conversations with every teacher. But then, I realized there is a simple practice I could use that would ensure teachers would not be surprised by their evaluation ratings. In this 4-minute video, I explain a process I created called “What evidence do we have?” and I show you how you can use it to build trust and clarity in the evaluation process.

Have you had a teacher read what you wrote in an observation or in an evaluation and get upset? This has happened to most of us or maybe all of us. In this 7-minute video, I talk about the most common reasons I think this happens, and I share some ideas about how to make sure this doesn’t happen more often than necessary.

Do you find yourself trying to get work done and then getting distracted? In this 14-minute video, I explain how we can apply the concepts of mise en place, switchtasking, and friction to streamline our workflow and get our work done quickly and efficiently so we can focus on what matters most: supporting our teachers’ growth so they can support our students’ growth. Click here for ideas to streamline your workflow.

Many of you have seen Brené Brown’s Ted Talks on shame and vulnerability. She also has done great work on leadership. In this 7-minute video, I talk about Brené Brown’s wisdom that “clear is kind and unclear is unkind,” and I share three recommendations for how we can apply this idea in our work as leaders and teacher evaluators.

Do you want to write your evaluations quickly? In this 4-minute video, I will guide you through 6 steps of creating a template that you can use to write each of your evaluations quickly.

How can you show your greatness to your evaluator? In this 8.5 minute video, I explain how you can provide evidence for your own evaluation. I also include a template for teachers and a template for leaders and coaches.

Need more evidence in your evaluations? In this 7-minute video, I describe two approaches to adding evidence quickly, which you can do solo or in collaboration with the teacher.

Behind on evaluations? In this 8-minute video, I explain different ways of scheduling and catching up on your observations quickly. Subscribe here so you stay in the loop!

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