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12.18.2022Winter holiday circle, the winter blues, orchestrating positive emotionsLink
12.11.2022December staff circle, two word check-in, climate anxiety, show your greatness in evaluationsLink
12.4.2022Circle about toxic masculinity, self-directed literacy, how many observations to write up? Link
11.27.2022Learning from mistakes circle, classroom gratitude practices, wisdom for new teachersLink
11.20.2022Healing black youth’s mental health, gratitude circle, they/them pronoun practiceLink
11.13.2022A circle about the ideas behind restorative practices, non-classroom observationsLink
11.6.2022Native American Heritage Month, Name Coach, How to write observation feedbackLink
10.30.2022Fall circle, healing a teacher/student relationship circle, scheduling teacher observationsLink
10.23.2022Bullying prevention circle, pedagogy of voice, are teachers upset in the evaluation process?Link
10.16.2022Relationship building circle, scheduling observations and conversationsLink
10.9.2022Indigenous Peoples Day resources, circle about anger, improve your email gameLink
10.2.2022LGBTQ+ History Month, Circle issues and strategies, how to write observation feedbackLink
9.25.2022Transition to new school circle, classroom routines, compassion in the classroomLink
9.18.2022Hispanic Heritage Month, family communication, pronouncing names, advisory curriculumLink
9.11.2022Weekly circles, remembering 9/11, brain breaks, SEL in PE, writing your self-assessmentLink
9.5.2022Getting students’ attention, back-to-school circle, choice board for evaluators and coachesLink
Aug 20221st 5 days, Jacqueline Woodson Educator Guide, Chrome extensions, achieving your goalsLink
July 2022Finding joy, staff community building, “Donuts with grownups” & LBGTQ+ inclusivityLink
6.26.2022Divine rage, saying goodbye to this school year, “A New Beginning” circle, summer bucket listLink
6.19.2022Celebrating Juneteenth, “Teachers need our support,” end of year circlesLink
6.12.2022End of year circles, hold space for us to be fully human, writing routine, trans inclusionLink
6.5.2022“Rainbow Swag” pride circle, end of year staff circle, end of year activities and reflectionLink
5.30.2022Holding space, celebrating pride, end of year inspiration circle, teaching gender identity Link
5.22.2022Circle for seniors, plan for a compassionate closing, increasing ELs’ social interactionLink
5.15.2022Why so many teachers are leaving, Becoming Restorative course, Write evaluations quicklyLink
5.8.2022Haitian Heritage Month, AAPI Heritage Month, Mental Health Awareness Month circlesLink
5.1.2022Teacher appreciation week, AAPI Heritage Month, reflection circle, spring clean your emailLink
4.24.2022Spring transformation circle, bilingual version of Justice KBJ circleLink
4.17.2022Self-compassion, vacation optimizer, design your summer, walkingLink
4.10.2022Becoming Restorative course, Justice KBJ circle, end-of-year evaluation resourcesLink
4.3.2022Ramadan, Encanto circles, bilingual pride circles, Blooket, National Poetry MonthLink
3.27.2022Spring circle, tragic optimism, curriculum audit for inclusivity and diversityLink
3.20.2022Restorative circle strategies, how to lead with empathy, create a habit trackerLink
3.13.20222 years in a pandemic circle, the power of small shifts, achieving your goals in 2022Link
3.6.2022Hiring and retaining teachers of color, teachers evaluations in 2022, Another AppalachiaLink
2.27.2022Self-compassion, Black History Month circle, Russian invasion of Ukraine, teen mental healthLink
2.13.2022Welcome students with love, wintering circle, how to avoid the great resignation Link
2.6.2022Black lives matter at school, black history month, educator goals, getting evaluations doneLink
1.30.2022Encanto Circles, Black History Month, “Possible Futures,” get evaluations doneLink
1.23.2022“How has covid impacted us?” circle, wisdom from Thich Nhat Hanh and BrenĂ© BrownLink
1.17.2022MLK Day, circle “What do adults need to understand?”, instruction during OmicronLink
1.9.2022How to get through Omicron with love, “Five Good Things” activity, meditation ideasLink
1.2.2022New year’s circle, using songs, circle for staff leave of absence, building trust for evaluatorsLink
12.19.2021Conflict or harm circles, getting evaluations done, show don’t tell for evaluatorsLink
12.12.2021Daily rituals for healing, restorative circle, how to prepare to be observedLink
12.5.2021Jason Reynolds on normalizing anxiety, unit planning, writing formative evaluationsLink
11.28.2021Drivers Licenses for All, pronoun + name change, circle for reconnecting Link
11.21.2021Circle for processing Rittenhouse verdict, circle for students struggling in schoolLink
11.14.2021Supporting undocumented students, Calendly for school leaders and coachesLink
11.7.2021Collective healing and wellbeing, improve your email gameLink
10.31.2021Native American Heritage Month, circle about anger, how to write observation feedback Link
10.24.2021Gender inclusivity and diversity, strategies for healing and wellbeingLink
10.17.2021Circle about restorative ideas, flipped classroom pedagogy, intent vs. impactLink
10.11.2021The 7 Core Assumptions, batching salads, how to coach within the evaluation processLink
10.3.2021Restorative toolkit for re-entry, student-led workflows, understanding ourselves and othersLink
9.26.2021Circles for national tragedies, create systems to be an organized coach or evaluatorLink
9.19.2021Restorative justice in the classroom, writing your self-assessmentLink
9.12.2021Choice boards for coaches + evaluators, restorative justice in early childhoodLink
9.6.2021Healing, community, and humanity, ending suspensions, transform as an evaluatorLink
6.13.2021End of year activities, vacation optimizer, reflecting on the yearLink
6.6.2021Celebrate Juneteenth, celebrate Pride, how many observations to write up? Link
5.31.2021End of year activities and reflection exercises, no surprise evaluation ratingsLink
5.23.2021Remembering George Floyd, Antiracism Daily email, are you making teachers upset? Link
5.16.2021Antiracist grading and retention practices choice board, how to streamline your workflowLink
5.9.2021AAPI Heritage Month, Haitian Heritage Month, Why clear is kindLink
5.2.2021To immigrants with love circle, movement videos, write evaluations quicklyLink
4.25.2021Returning circles and resources, Immigrant Pride, Show your greatness to your evaluatorLink
4.18.2021Circle up, Immigrant Pride, Add evaluation evidence quicklyLink
4.11.2021Imagining September, Chauvin trial, Restorative practices courses, Scheduling observationsLink
4.4.2021Returning circles, Black Lives Matter, Stop AAPI hate, Concurrent teachingLink